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Wall & Pavement Signs

The beauty of wall signs is in their versatility - whatever your wall signage needs, we have solutions to impress; 

  • Promotional - Signs that make your branding shine

  • Instructional - Want people to turn off their mobile phones or put e-cigs away? Our instructional signs get right to the point!

  • Directional - Friendly and easy to read signage, helps to get team members and visitors where they need to be on time

We offer wall signage with a wide range of fittings to suit your needs;

  • Adhesive tape - Our tape is strong and versatile for reliable signage anywhere you need it.

  • Magnetic - We have signs that stick to metal surfaces with no visible imprint

  • Screw-in - For when a more permanent attachment is needed on brick and masonry surfaces.

​Our custom built wall mounted signs are a great indoor or outdoor signage product. These can be available in as little as 48 hours from receipt of your official order and artwork.

Whether you want to advertise yourself or help your customers find their way, what better solution than to use a wall mounted sign.


Pavement Signs

Pavement signs offer a great way to promote your business. A board pavement signs are also a great way to grab the attention of people walking down the street.

Sandwich board signs are simply an alternative way to describe A-frame signs which can be folded for storage. The fold-away feature is valuable when pavement signs cannot be left out on the street when the business is closed.  Our Wooden A boards are hinged at the top to make it easy for them to be brought in at night, so this type of A-frame stand may be classed as a folding sandwich board sign.